Smooth Kitty Spa Cat Groomers


Introducing the new standard for feline care. Your kitty will be able to enjoy a first-class haircut in a stress free enviroment with no sedation


Cats are naturally clean animals, but sometimes they may need help with certain areas. Grooming includes cleaning the ears, face, and rear end, ensuring proper hygiene and reducing the risk of infections or unpleasant odors.


  1. grooming for cats performed by a professional groomer without the use of sedation is crucial for ensuring the well-being and comfort of the cats.
  2. Professional groomers have a deep understanding of cat behavior and body language.They are skilled at recognizing signs of stress, fear, or aggression, and adjust their approach accordingly to minimize any potential discomfort.
  3. Each cat has unique grooming needs and preferences. Professional groomers assess the individual cat’s coat, skin condition, and behavior to tailor the grooming process accordingly. They adapt their techniques and speed to accommodate each cat’s comfort level.

Full grooming

Lion clip or comb clip and sanitary clip

A lion cut is a specific grooming style for cats that involves shaving or closely trimming the fur on most of the body while leaving a mane-like appearance around the head, neck, and sometimes the tail. The end result resembles a lion’s mane, hence the name “lion cut.”

A comb cut in cat grooming refers to a grooming style that involves using a comb to trim and shape the cat’s fur to a specific length or pattern. It is a technique commonly used for cats with medium to long coats to maintain a neat and manageable appearance.

Wash & blow dry

A wash and blowdry in cat grooming is a service that involves thoroughly cleaning a cat’s coat using water and specially formulated cat shampoo, followed by a drying process using a blowdryer.

Nail clipping

Nail trimming is essential for several reasons, including preventing overgrowth, reducing the risk of scratches and accidental injury, and maintaining the cat’s overall health and comfort.

Add on for Soft Paws available Soft Paws are small, vinyl nail caps that are glued onto the cat’s claws to provide protection against scratching.


This can involve coloring the fur using pet-safe dyes or incorporating decorative elements such as bows or nail tips for your Cat .


discounts available for grooming on a regular basis, every 1 to 6 weeks
Free consultation with every groom
Every grooming package will include ear cleaning and nail trimming
Preferential appointments year round